Distribution Points for Meals & More to Unsheltered Homeless

Volunteers needed for each of the following:

  1. to collect info on programs that are active and providing services,
  2. to identify organizations/congregations to serve as distribution points for meals, snack bags and hygiene kits,
  3. to help with distribution at those sites,
  4. to create hygiene kits for delivery to nearest SAPD SAFFE substations.

Assistance with Food Commodities Prep

  • Individuals and families in the community who rely on food bank commodities, or those who have experienced a sudden loss of income due to layoff or reduction in hours, are in need of food support.
  • Volunteer assistance is needed in the preparation, sorting, boxing and delivery of food to vulnerable members of the community.
  • Volunteers needed at the San Antonio Food Bank Headquarters and citywide.
  • Contact San Antonio Food Bank Volunteer Services online or call 210.431.8388

Meals for Out of School Children

  • Out of school children are missing meals. Volunteers needed to serve at the San Antonio Food Bank. Work begins with a daily briefing on meals for distribution to Kid’s Cafe sites, appropriate documentation, assistance with kitchen clean-up, prep for next day’s meal and store supplies as needed.
  • Contact San Antonio Food Bank Volunteer Services at 210.431.8388 or volunteer@safoodbank.org

Mobile Pantry Volunteers

  • Qualified clients and vulnerable families depend on food distribution from the SA Food Bank’s Mobile Pantry.
  • Volunteers are needed to break down pallets of product, pack bags, collect client vouchers, hand out product, help with traffic control, and clean up. Volunteering is 3-4 hours. Groups of 5-10 volunteers can help distribute groceries where needed.
  • Contact San Antonio Food Bank Volunteer Services online or call 210.431.8388

Senior Food Delivery

  • Many seniors in our community depend on home food delivery while self-distancing. Volunteers are needed to deliver perishable and non-perishable food items to their homes.
  • Contact San Antonio Food Bank Volunteer Services online or call 210.431.8388
  • Contact Meals on Wheels samanthaf@mowsatx.org or call 210.599.7405 ext. 309

Volunteer Assistance for Homeless Service Providers

  • Homeless service providers need extra help due to school closures resulting in staff shortages and an influx of homeless.
  • Volunteers are needed to provide services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness.
  • Volunteers assist with serving meals, sorting clothes, engaging with clients (arts/crafts, singing, etc.) and helping with everyday program operations.

Organize and Ease Grocery Shopping

  • Major grocers are overwhelmed with urgent shoppers while small grocers are under-shopped.
  • To redistribute the crowds, use NextDoor, or other social media, to organize your neighborhood’s shopping days. Note smaller grocers in your area as alternatives. Example: Odd house numbers shop M, W, F and even numbers shop T, Th, Sat. Designate Sundays or a particular time window for elderly shoppers.
  • Participate by putting a sign with #taketurns in your window. Use #taketurns to spread the word.